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Plant Manager

  • North Wazirstan, 
  • Operations (Mechanical)
Apply Before: 22 May, 2023


1. To oversee employees, production and efficiency and to ensure the mine operations, plant operations and tailing dam operations are running smoothly and safely.

2. To ensure effective and constructive communication with and among the departments.

3. To promote a positive organizational culture that encourages high performance at high morale.

4. To ensure the efficient correction of any non-conformity among the project.

5. To maintain optimum operation by assigning departments to create policies, Standard operating procedures (SOPs), Work instructions and quality plans.

6. Oversee all the policies and procedures are implemented.

7. To collect and analyze through current data to find areas for improvement.

8. Evaluate and keeps in check the department heads for efficient performance.

9. Assist HR with recruiting when necessary.


MS/BS in Mechanical

Degree Required

MS Mechanical / BS Mechanical


1. In-depth understanding of beneficiation plant systems and interactions among systems. 2. Good oral and written communication skills. 3. Good networking and teaming skills. 4. Good data gathering and analysis skills. 5. Baseline problem analysis and solving skills. 6. Creativity and an ability to think out of the box. 7. Preferably Pashto speaking


16 years of relevant experience

Job Details

Locations:  North Wazirstan, 
Gender:  Both Male & Female
Total Vacancies:  1
Posted On:  07 May, 2023
Age:  25-55 years

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