Job Details

Chief Surveyor

Job Description

1. To establish control points on site at the beginning of project.

2. To check the "as built" data and make contours on Auto CAD for quantification of earth


3. Make coordinates data on site as per drawing for the use of survey department.

4. To direct and conduct surveys in order to establish legal boundaries for limit of work.

5. To train the surveyors and check work from time to time to ensure proceedings as per


6. To check the conflicts of drawings for accuracy and to discuss with MEP (Mechanical,

Electrical and Plumbing) departments, structure and architect department.

7. To assist consultants to clear the inspection requests (IR) to proceed in the said job.

8. To check calibration of instruments like “Total Station” and "Level Machine".

9. To discuss various workable solutions with construction manager.

10. To operate drone & make DEMs.

11. Any other tasks assigned by Superiors.

Degree Qualification

DAE Civil / B.Tech / Surveyor Certification

Degree Required

DAE Civil Engineering / B.Tech / BE Civil Engineering / Surveyor Certification


Min 10-12 years post qualification experience in the relevant field


Analytical thinking skills. Understanding of engineering science and technology. Knowledge of building and construction. Ability to use your initiative.

Location:  Naukundi, 
Gender:  Both Male & Female
Total Vacancies:  1
Posted On:  27 Jan, 2024
Age:  18 - 55 years
Apply Before:  13 Feb, 2024

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