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Floatation Supervisor

  • North Wazirstan, 
  • Civil Works (Chemical Engineering)
Apply Before: 13 Feb, 2024


 Observe changes in foam, measure concentration and fineness, and adjust


 Carry out policies passed down a hierarchy from the level above.

 Plan short-range action-steps to carry out goals set by the level above.

 Organize the work group.

 Assign jobs to subordinates.

 Direct tasks and jobs.

 Train subordinates for accurate addition of oil and reagents formulation, accurate

observation of changes in ore property and for finding the cause of change

accurately and scraping accurate amount of foam.

 Enforce the subordinates not to touch the flotation valves without knowing the

situation well.

 Train subordinates to report accidents in a timely manner, and handle problem

occurring in a timely manner.

 Train subordinates for dealing less foam, mainly due to less aeration or problem

with reagent system in a timely manner.

 Enforce the subordinates not to leave the job without authorization and do not

hand over equipment’s to others without the permission of supervisor.

 Lead and motivate subordinates.

 Solve routine daily problems

 Control and evaluate performance of subordinates.

 Discipline subordinates.

 Maintain high housekeeping and safety standards.

 Compliance to HSE requirements and reporting/correcting defects and unsafe


 Fill and ensure accuracy of required log sheets

 Conduct thorough and accurate shift hand overs.


DAE in Chemical

Degree Required

DAE Chemical Engineering / BS Chemical Engineering / MS Chemical Engineering


Good Analytical Skills. Good Communication Skills Good Presentation skills


Min 6 years post qualification experience in the relevant field

Job Details

Locations:  North Wazirstan, 
Gender:  Male
Total Vacancies:  2
Posted On:  27 Jan, 2024
Age:  - years

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